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Meeting rooms

Foster effective and creative discussion with your colleagues and welcome your customers in an attractive environment. The ideal work space should be designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration with others.

In order to offer this optimised work space, Yousense advises you on the solutions to be adopted and supports you in your project by offering turnkey solutions to provide your participants with all the audiovisual voice, data and image (VDI) transmission resources. 

The issue of audiovisual resources must be addressed when a meeting room is being designed. The aim is to make the equipment work in harmony with the architecture of the room.  

Do you want to equip or modernise your meeting rooms with the latest audiovisual tools? Yousense advises you and supports you in the integration of your system to enable you to improve the efficiency of your meetings in an intuitive work space that promotes working together. 


A small but efficient meeting room?

Increasingly more companies are offering smaller, informal meeting rooms where employees can work together (brainstorming, presentations, specifications, etc.). In fact, the ‘formal’ meeting centred around a large, intimidating and impersonal meeting table is losing ground to a wide choice of small, alternative collaborative workspaces or huddle rooms.  

Enabling small groups to meet more easily and spontaneously, huddle rooms are often equipped with a videoconferencing solution to combine face-to-face and remote meetings, an interactive screen (or not) for transmission, a wireless transmission system, a sound bar and a small central table that enables people to sit or stand. They promote the integration of remote workers and resolve the problems created by the layout of open-space offices, including the two most damaging for productivity and collaboration. Huddle rooms don’t need a reservation system: presence detectors can be used to indicate if a room is free.  

Although this may seem relaxed, these special areas are particularly effective for webinars, conducting interviews and reviewing strategies. Their agile size also makes them a budget-friendly option, as equipping four meeting rooms typically costs less than one conference room, yet they offer four times the productivity potential. 

And what equipment is best suited for a “classic” meeting room?

Update your audiovisual equipment

You can opt for wireless presentations, share documents or presentations quickly with a digiboard or plan a conference call with Teams or Zoom.
You take care of the furniture and we can take care of all the audiovisual equipment, including lighting and blackout systems.  

Provide your visitors and employees with a unique experience!  


The transmission of data, images and videos on screen: for a 10-person meeting room, we recommend large 75-inch monitors (or a diagonal span of 1.9 m) or very large 98-inch monitors (diagonal span of 2.5 m). Using a monitor provides very good image quality – the brightness of these screens is generally 400 to 500 cd/m2 – and good contrast even in a bright room. Full HD is the current standard for monitors, enabling images to be viewed in a 1920×1080 pixel resolution. 4K or Ultra HD screens, whose resolution is 4 times greater than that of Full HD screens, i.e. 3840×2160 pixels, are becoming more commonplace to offer an even more perfect and realistic image! 


To transmit on content securely on this screen, using any type of device (your laptop, smartphone or tablet, etc.), without the need for cables and formatting, we widely recommend the wireless presentation system, Barco ClickShare. Clicking on a button connected to a USB port to transmit your content makes for stress-free connectivity! 

Remote communication

To communicate and collaborate beyond the confines of the office: Yousense advises you on how to use the Zoom Room or Teams Room or BYOD and installs the equipment, camera, sound bar, microphones and monitors best suited to the size of your room.


As audiovisual experts, we would like to remind you that you shouldn’t forget about sound! If require, we can complete, our installations with a sound bar. This is an elegant solution, easily integrated and which provides harmonious and pleasant sound transmission. 
These installations are designed to be supervised, administrated and repaired by local managers 


Technology evolves very rapidly, we offer you work spaces that are even more collaborative and innovative, equipped with interactive whiteboards and software specifically designed to boost creativity, support brainstorming sessions and project management in “visual management” mode.