Yousense supports local authorities, administrations, government bodies and large corporations in the design and installation of their conference room or meeting room.

The project can be either to upgrade or modernise the existing technical equipment or to design this space at the time of construction.  

As each project is unique, Yousense responds with solutions adapted to the needs of its customers. 

Conference room

From design to implementation, our technical teams install all video links using VDI (Voice, Data, Image) technology, which consists of interconnecting all audiovisual equipment via universal cabling for optimal operation and centralised control. 

Yousense supports its customers in selecting and installing the conference system and sets up: 

  • recordings and replays of live and recorded sessions  
  • lights and lighting  
  • high definition projectors, large screens and retractable return screens in front of each participant for optimal distribution of documents. 

Conference systems and voting systems

Comprising several delegate positions and a chairperson position, the conference system enables the debates to be conducted smoothly and facilitates the clarity of the session.  

Yousense supports you in the evaluation and installation of the best conference system while integrating electronic voting, which is essential for decision-making, and taking into account the architectural constraints so as not to distort the prestigious aesthetics of these rooms.  

The sound system and microphones are compact, and can be integrated in a minimalist and elegant manner into the meeting table. Furthermore, to simplify the complex use of these rooms, our teams operate all the equipment in automation: mixing, audio and video processing are centralised and controlled from the control room.  

The recording and content management features are additionally managed through the integration of multimedia streaming processors. 

Interpreting booth

Or simultaneous interpreting booth is a solution that provides interpreters with good working conditions and provides participants with high-quality interpreting in real time. 
The operating principle of these booths is simple: the interpreter receives the speaker’s words in his or her headphones and selects the translation channel on his or her desk, therefore enabling the participants to listen to the interpreting by selecting the channel corresponding to the desired language on their headphones. Yousense supports you in setting up this solution.