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Unified communications – video conference

Videoconferencing enables communication and information sharing via IT tools between employees located in far away places. Nowadays, videoconferencing has become an essential communication tool for companies, schools, training centres and hospitals. It makes it possible to maintain continuity of activities while offering users the advantages of remote working.

Whether face-to-face, remote or multimodal, meetings can continue in companies, courses can continue in schools or universities, and conferences can still be used to transmit knowledge or share ideas.

Boost collaboration within your teams, improve your performance, offer additional comfort to your patients, save time, attract and retain talent, reduce your costs and reduce your carbon footprint! Videoconferencing enables you to meet these different challenges regardless of your use.  

You are not yet equipped with videoconferencing systems? Do you want to upgrade your existing tools? Benefit from the latest technologies to improve your performance.  

Yousense advises and supports you with your installation with solutions adapted to your spaces and your needs, from design right through to maintenance.  

Installation of videoconferencing systems

How can you unify your communication tool? 

As an audiovisual integrator, this is the issue we are addressing: how to transmit audio and video in all environments in a unified manner, while providing the services that our new ways of communicating have made essential? How to harmonise communication between several participants, using different tools, Internet connection, hardware and software?  

Aware of your current and future challenges, we take into account the new ways you use communication: in “Room” mode or “BYOD” mode (“bring your own device”), we can advise you on the most suitable solution, implement it in order to organise, with the need to communicate always in mind, collaboration with data sharing tools, the management of equipment for ever more simplified use, and planning with reservations and meeting management tools… 

Videoconferencing software solutions

Managed and installed by Yousense, the choice of videoconferencing software solutions is large. Our teams can advise you on selecting the solution suited to your specific needs. These include: 

The simplified and unified platform, Zoom

Leader of the Magic Quadrant 2020 by Gartner for meeting solutions and UCaaS, throughout the world, Zoom is a practical and easy-to-use solutions, particularly suited to SMEs. 

  • Plan virtual meetings from any device 
  • Collaborate using the group chat 
  • Create and exchange ideas with the online whiteboard 
  • Analyse your conversation data to improve your sales.   

The collaborative platform, Microsoft Teams

Like Zoom, Microsoft Teams offers the best features for successful corporate video conferences. With the ability to welcome up to 10,000 participants and integrated into Microsoft 365, this solution is perfectly suited to large companies. The Teams solution goes beyond that of its competitor, Zoom, with its collaborative features. 

  • Plan virtual meetings with your teams  
  • Create teams and manage your projects
  • Share your files with your team 
  • Instant discussions
  • Benefit from a multitude of project management or schedule management applications

Other videoconferencing players

Although Zoom and Teams are currently well placed on the videoconferencing market, other tools have also proved successful on the market: 

  • GoTo, a videoconferencing system comparable to Zoom in its features, dedicated to professionals, to organise remote professional meetings, 
  • Google Meet, a collaborative tool from the Google suite for professionals, 
  • Cisco Webex, the video meeting platform, with screen sharing and interactive whiteboard… 

Videoconferencing equipment

The performance of the equipment is essential for the proper operation of these software solutions. Yousense gives you expert advice when selecting equipment to ensure you can make the most of the best possible combination, and installs it on your workstations, meeting rooms or areas dedicated to conferences and training sessions (screens, audiovisual equipment, wireless HD networks, remote control stations).  

Thanks to its network of the most reliable supplier partners on the market: Poly, Logitech, Yealink, Crestron, Lenovo, Yousense offers you high-performance equipment, compatible with the different existing solutions.