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Audit & consulting

The constant development of technologies and the integration of audiovisual and IT solutions (voice, data and images) require our teams to work continuously.

Trained in these new technologies, our employees are able to assist you in carrying out all your audiovisual projects.
This technological monitoring, along with our independence from manufacturers, enables us to offer adapted, scalable and durable solutions.


To assist you in this phase, we combine the skills of a project manager and a member of the pre-sales engineering office.

They are at your disposal to take into account:

  • the challenges and aims of your project,
  • the needs of your users,
  • the requirements of your customers.


To analyse:

  • the environment of the systems and networks,
  • the audiovisual environment
  • the organisation and structure of your equipment.


To recommend:

  • a technological solution,
  • a migration plan, when necessary,
  • an organisational plan,
  • a suitable roll-out plan,
  • a plan to generalise the use of the solution on offer,
  • Yousense is also able to offer a “POC” (proof of concept) testing phase, to install the recommended equipment under lease for a given period.