To finalise the roll out of your audiovisual installations, our certified technicians offer two levels of training.

Training for users

Our teams offer training for simple first-level use of the equipment using simplified documentation:

  • discovering the installation,
  • configuring the equipment,
  • use of the different equipment in User mode,
  • practical workshop.


Training for administrators

Our teams train administrators in all operating procedures, detailed system configuration and first-level maintenance. Our Technical Manager and his team have the skills and experience to ensure a veritable transfer of skills so that you have all the necessary independence in the use and maintenance of the systems rolled out: operating procedures, “source” software, and wiring diagrams.


Video instructions for users

To enable you to assist your employees in using the equipment, our communication department produces instructions to be displayed and distributed in the equipped rooms and produces customised user videos to ensure the use of the equipment is particularly simple and user-friendly.