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Additional solutions

Automation and home automation systems, interactive boards and video transmission are also solutions mastered by Yousense’s panel of experts.

Yousense, an audiovisual integrator offers you solutions suited to all your needs.  

Automation systems and home automation

Office automation simplifies the use of all your audiovisual and home automation equipment, such as lighting, opening/closing curtains, blacking out windows and air conditioning. 
Yousense provides the additional service of automating all of your building’s audiovisual equipment, controlling it centrally and in a customised manner. A central control device in the form of a keyboard or touchscreen enables the users themselves to operate all these audiovisual resources without any specific difficulty. They are all interconnected and operational immediately. All the equipment in a room can therefore be managed by this centralised control, thanks to the programming of the equipment by our technicians, who have the technical certifications awarded by the most renowned control system suppliers. 
This centralised control also provides a precise reporting tool, which indicates, among other things, the consumption and attendance per room. 

Interactive whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard or smart board is an essential audiovisual solution. It enables you to manage your meetings or training sessions by annotating, underlining and recording the projected information directly. The meeting resources can be easily shared between employees.
An essential tool in the educational and professional environment, the Yousense teams can advise you, when selecting your smart board, on:

  • The use and location, fixed interactive whiteboard for a training room, or mobile solution for multi-use areas, and size of the projection surface.
  • Should the height of the whiteboard be adjustable, should it be able to be displayed in portrait mode?
  • What accessories do you need: wipeable markers, stylus, software, etc.

Video transmission

This technology enables the live and simultaneous transmission of classes, a formal meeting or a conference via video and audio.

Video transmission makes it possible:

  • To deal with the increased enrolment in certain educational specialities and problems of space in premises, for example when two Regional Council meetings are held,
  • To solve certain logistical problems and reduce movement,
  • To pool the intervention of specialists for several training sessions or conferences located in different places.

How it operates:

  • the equipment is installed in a dedicated room for optimal comfort: light management, camera orientation, etc.
  • the capacity of rooms, amphitheatres, etc. is always taken into account for fully adapted equipment,
  • the entire audiovisual process (camera, sound recording, cabling, switching and broadcasting) is in HD,
  • a centralised control room enables the audio/video signals to be turned on remotely and routed to the right rooms to modulate the premises,
  • the display is managed on one or more LCD or LED screens and/or via a video projector, with an image overlay of the speaker (PIP/PAP),
  • all signals can be recorded and/or streamed and/or podcasted or integrated on Moodle.