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Collaborative spaces

Collaborative and digital tools create the ideal conditions for brainstorming sessions, with dynamic sharing of ideas.

Yousense supports you in boosting the collaboration and creativity of your employees, using suitable audiovisual equipment.


  • a workspace with adapted furniture: mobile smart boards and Steelcase node chairs 
  • one or more interactive touchscreens (learning lab style) – there is a vast range of interactive touchscreens, meeting the needs of both education and business. 
  • specific collaborative software, with natural and simple post-it-based interfaces relying on the notion of “visual management”, the digital representation of brainstorming sessions, decision support and project management activity is managed automatically. 
  • the use of user-friendly tools, without complex connections or configurations, to easily share documents and work together in meetings 
  • collaboration will also be fostered thanks to a “co-working” type of office layout,  

The Yousense teams advise you on the installation and audiovisual equipment for these spaces, for a pleasant working environment where all working conditions come together to foster creative expression and unite your teams.