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General services

At the heart of the flex office development strategy of your companies or establishments, you are responsible for the management and fitting out of work spaces (meeting rooms, training rooms, reception areas, rest areas, etc.).



Yousense, an audiovisual integrator, advises you and provides you with technological solutions that enable you to have all the information required for the optimal management of spaces and floor space:

  • Reservation of rooms and spaces
  • Welcoming
  • Guidance


Smart office solutions provide a relevant answer to your new and broader requirements for comprehensive building management:

  • Collecting data to measure the use of spaces and services and therefore anticipate how they will be allocated
  • Offering your employees ancillary services: concierge services, parking management, meal and taxi reservations, etc.

You are the first to benefit from the development of these digital solutions, which now provide a relevant response to new requirements; the smart office means more simplicity and efficiency for the user, and more information to better manage premises.

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