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Classrooms and lecture halls

Classrooms, lecture halls, learning labs, timetable displays – how does audiovisual integration play a major role in today’s learning environment?

The Yousense teams have proven expertise in equipping large lecture halls and classrooms for universities and private colleges: 

  • Large format video projection for lecture halls with over 100 students, 
  • Large LED screens and smart boards for smaller lecture halls. 
  • Sound system for perfect understanding of lessons. 
  • Equipping classrooms with hybrid remote and face-to-face videoconferencing solutions in schools: installation of multiple monitors, speaker cameras for the most realistic remote learning experience possible. 

Active learning and open experimentation are also major trends in secondary and vocational education. The responsibility for learning is now shared between teachers and students. To promote the engagement and active participation of students: the concept of the classroom has been turned on its head, focussing on 3 key concepts that Yousense masters. 



Keeping up with the times and evolving with the teaching method: this is what all the mobile equipment, audiovisuals and furniture offer. They make it possible to organise and reorganise the classrooms depending on the type of course, to alternate between lectures, brainstorming workshops, working in small groups, etc. 

Creation – transmission 

Encouraging and stimulating creation, is the major challenge overcome by autonomous interactive screens. They don’t need a PC to operate, they are simple and intuitive to use and interaction, using your finger or a stylus, is possible with several users at the same time.
These screens are mounted on motorised brackets, so that they are within reach of everyone, including wheelchair users. 

Sharing – content management 

Class recording solutions are rolled out, in an automated way, for the production of animated, indexed and customised content: this content, in an optimised video format, enables knowledge to be transmitted. The sharing and creation of short interactive videos for MOOC programmes, for online video training or for transmitting courses within educational curricula is essential. 

An ultra-modern training room in your company? 

Yousense also supports you in the design and integration of your training rooms on your premises: get the most out of your conference, education and training moments with audiovisual media that focuses on interactive group sessions. Keep your participants interested in the training using a professional smart board with a touchscreen. Combat absenteeism thanks to video streaming; everyone can follow wherever and whenever they want.