Sound system

Yousense supports you with your sound system projects for concert halls, auditoriums, stadiums and churches, etc.

Our technical teams have knowledge of acoustics and proven skills in audio recording and broadcasting and will be able to assist you in selecting the most suitable sound equipment for your project. 

  • Evaluation, studies, design of analogue and digital sound solutions 
  • Personalised acoustic study 
  • Recording, broadcasting and processing of sound depending on needs  
  • Installation and maintenance 

Sound system for sports arenas

The sound system for sports arenas, stadiums and multi-sport halls is very important; it enables the spectators to be immersed in the atmosphere of the competition. 

Our teams have a perfect command of these technologies and are able to advise you on the sound that will be heard by the audience by proposing transparent systems, which can cover more of the audience by improving the directionality of its systems. 

For stands and bleachers, the loudspeakers selected are often tropicalised 90°x40° and 90°x60° broadcast loudspeakers, which can be installed at great heights on the stands. 


Sound system for concert halls

Sound system technology is never simple, as in an opera house or a concert hall, but it is even more complex in auditoriums or multi-purpose halls, whose acoustic needs are partly contradictory, as they must be able to be transformed into a dining room, an exhibition hall, a sports hall, or even more complex in outdoor places with high reverberation such as stadiums, etc. 

The sound system for these halls is designed based on a specific definition of needs and a preliminary acoustic study of the hall, the choice of equipment and its integration. 

  • line array speaker technology, and clustered and suspended speaker lines with ceiling hoists,
  • subwoofers and small front speakers.

Sound system for churches, places of worship

Communicating, hearing well and seeing well are new challenges for places of worship. 

Modernising the sound system aims to make it easier to hear the celebrant, but by offering a better sound, it also makes it possible to reach a wider audience, from the youngest to the oldest. 

Our proven experience in the audio sector enables us to meet this challenge: 

  • pre-visit to ascertain the requirements, taking into account the architecture and the specific acoustics of the building,
  • proposal of a solution that is suitable in terms of quality, aesthetics and cost,
  • technical advice and demonstration of the material in the church, preferably during an event (e.g. during a mass),
  • integration and installation of the sound system (speakers, microphones, lecterns, control room, etc.),
  • settings when the church is empty and when the congregation is in attendance,
  • proposal for support during the first ceremony.


Guided visit systems

Frequently used in museums, audio guides make it possible to discover a collection or exhibition in different languages. They enable smooth and intuitive visits adapted to the needs and desires of the visitor. 

Yousense supports you in setting up guided visit systems, regardless of the type of establishment.  


Magnetic loop for the hard of hearing

All public access establishments must be equipped so that any disabled person can access the building and make use of the services offered under suitable conditions. Therefore, cinemas, theatres, conference halls, concert halls or museums must have communication systems for individuals that are hearing and visually impaired. 

The installation of a magnetic loop in these establishments allows the hearing impaired to receive audio media directly through their hearing aid or using adapted headphones. 

UHF solutions are particularly effective, with the user receiving the audio signal from a transmitter usually installed in the control room. With these solutions, it is possible for a hearing impaired person to follow a film at the cinema or a theatre performance. It is also possible for a visually impaired person to follow a film at the cinema with audio description accompanying the projection or a sports competition with audio description in the stands. 

Yousense can advise you on the choice of this equipment:  

  • receivers
  • headsets for all users
  • fixed or portable transmitters, etc.