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Board rooms and Excom rooms

Also known as board rooms or crisis rooms, they are a strategic and essential working tool available to managers and shareholders to optimise the decision-making process, record board meetings, conduct negotiations, receive VIP clients, etc.

Yousense, through its considerable experience in audiovisual integration, supports its clients in rolling out the most suitable solution for these strategic rooms.


This type of “high-end” meeting room combines solutions for working together, broadcasting, interaction, simultaneous interpreting, videoconferencing and recording, which must be managed for easy use. 

Video broadcasting takes place on a very large main screen or via a video projector and a retractable screen, with return or close-up screens that are often motorised, thus taking up very little space under the work surface for greater comfort and a discreet and timeless design. 

Specific attention is paid to the sound system in this type of room: the sound is transmitted by high-performance ceiling speakers, the voices are picked up by gooseneck microphones or, as is occurring more frequently, ceiling microphones, for a clear and natural sound, bearing in mind that excellent audio quality is essential for any successful meeting. 

The controls are centralised on a touchscreen tablet, on which everything can be managed, from audiovisual equipment to lighting, blinds and the air conditioning. 

For a guaranteed simple operation, the meeting modes are pre-recorded; they enable total independence for users in operations such as the transmission of an IT feed, a crisis meeting, remote collaboration or even a closed-door meeting. 

Furthermore, a control room is installed close to this type of well-equipped room to properly manage meeting formats and enable simultaneous interpreting or recording of meetings. 

The recording of all participants, including those taking part via video conference, is regularly included in the configuration of the equipment.