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Supervision of your audiovisual equipment

In order to benefit from the proper operation of your audiovisual equipment, it is essential to administer, control and use it in conjunction with a supervision system.

Yousense offers a tailor-made connected concierge solution.


This solution, which we build depending on your installations and your needs, provides you with the following services:

  • administration of your audiovisual equipment: management of directories, organisation of virtual meetings, remote testing and start-up of your equipment,
  • equipment management for optimised operation and confident users: remote assistance for users,
  • real-time management of your audiovisual installations,
  • comprehensive oversight of your equipment and networks to ensure optimised preventive maintenance on a daily basis; performance of a daily check
  • simplified use of a meeting room via remote management,
  • regular statistics on the operation of your installations in order to re-dimension and adapt your equipment,
  • remote monitoring of a high-risk room (board room, crisis room, etc.).