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Defence/Civil security

Mastering audiovisual technologies to meet the extreme needs of reliability and high security.

In order to supervise a specific area of activity, sensitive buildings and oversee operations, the control room is a critical and essential tool.


Yousense provides a tangible response using the best audiovisual technology to meet the challenges of alert handling

• Integration of a video wall or LED wall to monitor multiple information streams clearly, reliably and efficiently, 24 hours a day, with no interruptions.
• System that is permanently operational, control and management of images ensured and managed by a video processor, robot, and smart control room software.

Yousense has also designed and developed in its workshops a unique terminal for the French Gendarmerie Nationale. This terminal makes it possible to record hearings of child victims of sexual violence and other forms of abuse: the BETAM terminal (Mobile Audiovisual Touch Terminal).

Why use a recording system for juvenile hearings?

The trauma suffered by a minor who is a victim of sexual assault and abuse is always serious, as it is specifically linked to the fragility of his/her psychological and emotional state. For the child, more so than for any other victim in criminal proceedings, talking about the facts also means reliving them.
Having to repeat throughout the legal proceedings, sometimes seven or eight times in a criminal case, a testimony on events that he/she has already had the greatest difficulty in revealing, the minor is then subjected to new harm.
The consequences on the behaviour of the child and the dangers of having to repeat this testimony are well known. The child may get the feeling they are not being believed, may feel a great deal of guilt and end up doubting the truthfulness of their testimony.

The aim of audiovisual recordings is to:
• shield the minor from the trauma of multiple testimonies,
• to fix on a fixed medium all the spoken and behavioural elements,
• to bring up the minor’s testimony at a later date during the hearing,
• to confirm the neutral behaviour of the interviewer.

Why choose the BETAM recording solution?

A tailor-made and flexible system: the BETAM terminal was designed by Yousense and is assembled in our workshops. It can be perfectly modified and adapted to the regulations in force (video recording format, number of cameras, recording medium, etc.).
This court recording system can be delivered as a fixed installation or as a mobile terminal (current BETAM version), depending on the requirements and regulations in force.
Ergonomics: the BETAM terminal is very easy to operate, the touchscreen controls all the commands, its use requires no technical skills. No operational components can be removed or damaged (no remote control, no visible wiring).
Experience and quality: the BETAM court recording system developed by Yousense has been a proven success. The BETAM terminal is particularly robust, it has now been in use by French law enforcement since 2010. It has a very low failure rate.

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