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Control rooms

For any organisation with a Control Room, the processing of alerts and images is a major issue for the safety and protection of people and property.

Yousense assists you in creating your control room by integrating suitable video and audio equipment.


Crisis room, control room, alert station: risk management tools

A crisis room is dedicated to the management of sensitive or critical situations that may be faced by the fire brigade, a road, rail, river or heat infrastructure network, the video surveillance sector, etc. 

All the staff involved in these situations meet in a crisis unit and have access to all the information they need to take the required decisions and actions very quickly. 

Yousense has considerable experience in the technologies to be rolled out in order to meet the challenges of protecting populations: management of installations, management of information feeds, video display scenarios, video walls and LED walls. 

Yousense’s technical teams are, in particular, specialised in the assembly of large LED video walls. This technology particularly meets the essential requirements of a control or surveillance video wall: continuous use of the screens 24 hours a day, a clear and visible image, and the ability to intervene quickly in the event of a breakdown. 

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