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Audiovisual integration: roll out of co-modal education at BSB.

BSB – Burgundy School of Business is a business school with campuses in Dijon, Lyon and Paris. BSB’s aim has always been to offer its students a stimulating working environment. Digital tools are everywhere, but only to back up the teaching model.

The administration does not want to exceed the current total enrolment of 2800 students, as this fosters a certain closeness between students and teachers. Furthermore, the institution welcomes many foreign students (half of the students on campus), which reflects its international reputation.
For the start of the new school year in September 2020, Yousense was selected to provide Logitech solutions for the 15 Microsoft Teams classrooms. The videoconferencing solution was selected to enable hybrid teaching: it enables a standard class to be divided into 2 groups. Students alternate between face-to-face and remote learning modes, which leads to a reduction in the number of students in these classrooms, depending on their capacity.

The classrooms are equipped with a 75-inch screen at the back of the classrooms so that the teacher can see the students properly while working remotely, a sound bar and an interactive camera system. The latter follows the teacher when they move around the room, maintaining the attention of the students. Ceiling microphones were installed so that students working remotely can hear well. These microphones are coupled with loudspeakers for the sound output and a video projector enabling the teacher to display their class.


• Logitech Room Solution for Teams – Medium
• LOGITHECH Rally microphone
• SAMSUNG UHD – 3840 x 2160 LED monitor
• NEC ME382U – Tri LCD 3800 lms video projector

This type of installation breaks down the distance thanks to sound, image and inclusion.
Yousense, through its ability to listen to needs and its will to focus on the uses rather than on the equipment, offered and selected alongside BSB this innovative multimodal audio and video solution, which shows that it is possible to adapt and remain in touch during a pandemic.
To showcase this installation and to hear the opinion of teachers and students, we suggest you watch the film produced at the BSB in Dijon:
Burgundy School of Business: hybrid teaching with Microsoft Teams Rooms equipped with Logitech.


“We are happy with the installations, because they enables us to retain the social link and a dynamic that we had lost for some time”, adding that “Yousense was able to meet the educational needs we expressed by helping us select effective solutions for our school.”