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Why get a Microsoft® Teams Room?

Faced with the need to reorganise working methods, the current challenge for companies includes improving and simplifying the comfort of remote meetings to make collaboration run more smoothly and to support working from home. To make this transition possible, between working from home agreements and management of occupancy rates, re-designing workspaces with more flexible and collaborative solutions is a real asset.

Eiffage has made this choice by developing and upgrading the equipment of some fifty meeting rooms.
To facilitate the user experience, a collaborative and unified solution was selected: Microsoft® Teams Room with Logitech equipment, certified by Microsoft® to ensure its compatibility with Teams and benefit from optimal operation!



* Start by analysing the type of room to be equipped: large or small, re-use or not of existing equipment, single or double screen, high-quality sound and sound recording suited to the size of the meeting room, camera with or without tracking, etc.
* The required uses are then determined: autonomous mode with a control tablet and/or BYOD mode to launch a videoconference from your own PC, content sharing, wired or wireless, etc.
In short, integration is successful when we succeed in delivering a “ready-to-use” room, in which each employee can start their meeting within 2 minutes without stress… and benefit from perfect image and sound quality throughout the videoconference!
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