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Flexibility, digitisation, services: things are being shaken up in the office!


Flexibility, digitisation, services, etc. Although these concepts had already been part of our working methods and offices in recent years, the health crisis has greatly accelerated the transformation of work spaces.
This acceleration is making it possible to support the roll out of these new ways of working. It also aims to create a working environment that will even serve as a source of greater employee satisfaction. The creation of a comforting, user-friendly environment, where services are easily accessible (reservation of spaces, concierge service, access to information, meeting rooms, high-speed Internet access, collaborative tools, etc.), gives the ideal opportunity to develop a harmonious corporate culture.
For companies, it’s not always easy to take on the subject of the transformation of the working environment. However, definitively establishing a real working from home policy makes it possible to save money on office space and respond favourably to the desires of French workers, 60% of whom favour hybrid working.
Concentrated and hyper-centralised, the office as we know it how has to redistribute space, open its confines to the home and to other places, favour hybrid and interactive working modes, and combine spaces for concentration, innovation and teamwork, etc.


A new “art” of working is developing and we can see that co-working spaces are playing a real part in this work ecosystem, combining mobile workers, young start-ups and large companies.
We have seen this at Wellio, a subsidiary of Covivo, a major property player, who managed to create a very dynamic atmosphere for its customers from the get go, by combining spaces for concentration, innovation and collaboration.
For Wellio, Yousense designed and provided the audiovisual equipment for 60 meeting rooms and kitchen and rest areas in Paris and the regions. The guiding principles of the solutions we rolled out were: flexibility and efficiency! The aim is to be able to transmit, share data and provide videoconferencing in these collaborative work spaces. As a pro-working space also requires meetings and sharing, Wellio also offers common areas and lounge-type rest areas, for which we provided the sound system.


For this type of project, our role as an audiovisual integrator is essential. We support our customers’ requirement to digitise work spaces, while making these technologies simple and more accessible.
• Creating meeting rooms with videoconferencing, which can be inter-connected simply with remote workers or other meeting rooms. Visitors can connect with their own computer or the room’s videoconferencing system.
• Installing a work space management system that will enable you to reserve a meeting room, an office, navigate the buildings and retrieve data to check occupancy rates. This reservation system also provides ancillary services: ordering meals, reserving taxi, or a parking space, etc.
• Equipping a brainstorming room with interactive screens and a collaborative solution to facilitate and sustain the meeting.
• Enhancing rest areas with connected screens to transmit information, communicate, etc.