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Rental of equipment – Services

For specific requirements, Yousense provides you with equipment dedicated to your project.

Rental of equipment at preferential rates

Our teams offer:

  • expert advice on the selection of equipment best suited to your meeting or event,
  • a wide range of recent, well-maintained and high-performance equipment,
  • products tested before each use and prepared with the required connections and, optionally, on-site delivery and commissioning,
  • all related technical services, operational on-site installation and technical assistance for the duration of your event.

We have designed this service to enable our customers to meet specific needs or to benefit from other types of equipment than what they already use:

  • conference room equipment,
  • sound system equipment,
  • high-brightness and high-resolutions video projectors,
  • interactive terminals,
  • simultaneous interpreting systems,
  • interactive voting system,
  • guided visit system,
  • video wall, LED wall,
  • web conference and audio conference system.


Video projector, LCD flatscreen and projection screen rental

Discover our range of multi-media equipment for your meetings, services and training sessions:

  • video projector (mobile, high brightness, etc.),
  • projection canvas (several sizes of canvas),
  • flat screen (all sizes, on a stand or totem),
  • LED video wall.


Rental of collaborative working equipment

Discover our range of collaborative working tools for your symposiums, seminars and meetings:

  • videoconferencing (rental of videoconferencing equipment or rental of a videoconferencing room),
  • interactive whiteboard,
  • interactive voting system (consoles, software and on-site technical support),
  • wireless presentation system.


Rental of sound system equipment for your trade shows and inaugurations

Discover our range of audio equipment for your public spaces and halls:

  • comprehensive sound system pack (wireless powered speaker with microphone and audio controls),
  • microphone (wired, wireless or UHF),
  • speaker (amplified, wireless, etc.),
  • audio equipment (amplifier, mixer, audio processor, etc.),
  • guided visit system (from 20 to over 100 receivers),
  • simultaneous interpreting system.


Service to support your important events

Yousense is your technical service provider for events: conventions, conferences, concerts, inaugurations, screenings, parties, sports events, etc.

Experienced technicians from Yousense test the equipment and are also available to offer technical support at your events.

Our main areas of expertise:

  • sound system,
  • video (screens, monitors, video projectors),
  • lighting,
  • equipment (platforms, lecterns, tables, stands).


Audiovisual technical assistance service

The operation of certain audiovisual communication systems requires qualified staff, and this assistance can be provided on an ad hoc or full-time basis to our customers in the form of appointed staff.