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Set yourself apart: increase your visual impact and catch the attention of the public.

Digital signage and video transmission on all types of media are innovative marketing tools to catch consumers’ attention and increase visibility. They enable an effective communicative approach and to set you apart from the competition.


If you are looking for ideas to boost your shop’s image, increase your turnover and create a pleasant shopping experience, Yousense offers all the innovative and limitless audiovisual solutions to promote your business:
• A digital board to display advertising and collect customer data such as email addresses quickly and easily.
• Sound system: setting up pleasant background music and video streaming for a unique shopping experience.
• Installation of LED advertising screens, of all sizes, for optimal visibility, outdoors or in shop windows.
• information terminals in the service sector (bank branches, insurance companies, estate agencies, etc.)
• Use of holograms in shop windows and augmented reality.
• Smart windows: use of laminated glass with controllable transparency to project a video on shop windows, interior glass panes, partitions in meeting rooms or work spaces, etc.
• Use of the transparent mode of the smart window as an overhead projection medium, with a high-power ultra-short-focus laser projector


It’s hard to imagine a modern shopping centre without a navigation system. Yousense also supports you in the roll out of touchscreen guiding and information solutions.
• Installation and roll out of interactive terminals, or smart and robust furniture
• Configuration and customisation of remote manageable, stand-alone and/or connected guidance software solutions.

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