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Come together, brainstorm, create, stare… Long live simplicity!

To achieve this simplicity, our role as an audiovisual integrator is essential. We support our customers’ requirement to digitise work spaces, while making these technologies simple and more accessible.


What will your meeting room be used for? This is the question we ask you and which we answer with our solutions: a room to present engaging content, a room to encourage creativity, a room to easily bring together multiple stakeholders remotely, a room to make strategic decisions, or a room to easily transmit a report, etc.
Once your aims have been set and different uses identified, the Yousense teams will help you, on a digital level, improve the user experience of your employees by:

  • Creating meeting rooms with videoconferencing, which can be inter-connected simply with remote workers or other meeting rooms. Visitors can connect with their own computer or the room’s videoconferencing system.
  • Installing a work space management system that will enable you to reserve a meeting room, an office, navigate the buildings and retrieve data to check occupancy rates. This reservation system also provides ancillary services: ordering meals, reserving a taxi, or a parking space, etc.
  • Equipping a brainstorming room with interactive screens and a collaborative solution to facilitate and sustain the meeting.
  • Bringing your rest areas to life with connected screens to transmit information, to communicate, etc.