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From functional analysis right through to installation, Yousense is on hand at every step of the way at the Vulcania amusement park in Auvergne.

From functional analysis right through to installation, Yousense is on hand at every step of the way at the Vulcania amusement park in Auvergne. 

The Yousense teams were on hand for the inauguration of the latest Vulcania attraction, the largest Planetarium in France. This attraction enables visitors to gain a better understanding of the natural phenomena on Earth and beyond in a fun and interactive way.

The project has taken inspiration from a wide range of Yousense expertise, with the teams involved in design, scenography, programming, functional analysis and installation. It focuses on several areas: video, sound, lighting, show control and simultaneous interpreting. It is also perfectly suited to the architectural requirements of the four areas of the Vulcania Planetarium: the reception area, the teaching areas, the pre-show area and the documentation area.


Designing a dynamic display and sound solution for the reception area

The Yousense experts had to adapt to the complex nature of the reception area when installing their audiovisual equipment. This cathedral-like space required particular attention given the sound reverberation to achieve a consistent and intelligible sound. Furthermore, the sound coverage had to be as uniform as possible for the 400 people in the venue.

To achieve this, a public sound system was installed with YAMAHA speakers on the wall and ceiling to provide sound in the reception area and also in the toilets, to provide background music. This was performed using a remote connection to the main sound bank that was able to handle external sources such as mp3 players, smartphones and tablets, etc. Two HF SENNHEISER microphones were installed as an additional source, providing multi-zone HF coverage. Each microphone can be allocated to a particular zone using a control keypad, itself controlled from the main bank.

In addition, four 65-inch NEC screens and three 43-inch NEC screens have been installed to display the Vulcania park’s communication media and the planetarium’s programme and timetable. To facilitate content management, the solution installed by Yousense is linked to Vulcania’s central supervision system.

Facilitating contact between the presenter and students in educational areas, via interactive projection

For the four teaching areas, Yousense installed a comprehensive audiovisual solution to transmit information to the 20 pupils that attend the four workshops. The aim of these interactive and educational workshops is to explain and immerse students in the planetarium.

Each educational area is equipped with an EPSON interactive video projector connected to each teacher’s laptop, a whiteboard, a wall-mounted PA system and SAMSUNG tablets. The four workshops are controlled automatically, which turns on the equipment and choice of broadcast media. To ensure this solution fits in perfectly with the architecture of the building, the audiovisual integration technicians have installed wall connection boards with MUXLAB extenders to facilitate data transfer over long distances.

Developing a panoramic projection on a convex surface for the pre-show area.

This pre-show area provides visitors with an immersive experience with panoramic animated films to tide them over until they reach the main show area.

This video is projected onto a 5.70 m x 1.70 m convex screen, using two video projectors. The VIOSO video processor from Yousense includes blending and warping processing, enabling a single image to be transmitted in multi-projection mode. It also integrates deformation and soft-edge processing between both video projectors.

In addition to video transmission, the area is also equipped with a full sound system. The Yousense teams installed two YAMAHA long-throw “tower” speakers with direct control. These towers are combined with two YAMAHA subwoofers to extend the bass response and enhance the animation of cartoon films. Lastly, after analysing the coverage of the pre-show area, Yousense added to its installation with two 8-inch YAMAHA ceiling speakers to “unblock” any remaining uncovered areas.

An infrared projection simultaneous interpreting system adds another solution to this range. Yousense has supplied and installed a dozen TONWELT infrared transmitters, compatible with the site’s mobile receivers. Visitors can each access simultaneous interpreting of the cartoons in the language of their choice.

This pre-show area can also be used for events hosting up to 350 people. Video and audio connection units enable service providers to connect to the audiovisual systems in this area. Furthermore the HF microphones in the reception area are also available for those in the pre-show area. They can be allocated using a control keyboard located next to the projection screen.

Sharing real know-how in engineering, functional analysis and programming

For this attraction, Yousense has relied on its engineering and functional analysis expertise to set up a MEDIALON show control system. This show control system enables lighting, audio, video and special effects to be synchronised and automated depending on the number of visitors, in particular with access controls for the different areas of the planetarium.


Giving new life to the documentation area

Visitors to the planetarium can also access the documentation area. This is a library boasting resources on space, natural phenomena and volcanos.

As such, Yousense has provided visitors with two LENOVO PCs with 32-inch IIYAMA touch screens and SENNHEISER headsets enabling them to view all documentation online. These resources add to the many works available for consultation in this documentary area.